PoodLL tools are for making recordings and videos to add as a submission to an activity.


ATTENTION! In order for the PoodLL to work properly you need to have Flash installed. You can test your flash by going to this site. The site will notify if you dont have flash installed and if you have, and flash is allowed to run, it will display a short video. If you cant update your flash player contact the SAMK helpdesk!


ATTENTION! To be able to record sound/video you need to have a microphone and/or a webcam. They need to be also correctly configured. The best solution for recording sound would be a peripheral headset with a windscreen microphone. If you encounter problems with your settings contact eSAMK support or Helpdesk!


ATTENTION! Before starting an extensive recording session test the equipment and configuration beforehand by doing a test recording with the PoodLL.


ATTENTION! Sound recording is more reliable than a video. The converted video file might be affected by the browser it has been recorded on. If you encounter problems with the recording, contact the SAMK helpdesk!




When starting a video recording the PoodLL will look like this:


You can start recording by pressing 'Record'. Note that during the recording pausing is not an option. If you pause a recording you cannot resume recording.


After pressing the Stop button you can preview your recording by pressing the Play button. Alternatively you can create a new recording by pressing the Record button again which will replace the previous session. When you are satisfied with the result you can upload the recording onto the server by pressing the Upload button. When the upload is successfully completed a 'Uploaded successfully' text will be displayed.


After completing the recording and uploading it press "Save changes". After saving the assignment you preview the submission. If the conversion of a video at the server is still unfinished a picture will be displayed in the place of the video. Conversion of a video depends greatly on the length of the sample.




Conversion in progress PoodLL:


By updating the preview page on your browser you can monitor the state of the conversion. When the conversion is done the video will displayed in the player. You can also download your recording. By pressing the Modify my submission you can return to the recording view.



KYVYT.FI is an online portfolio service where students can take their creations and submissions to form a portfolio. You can gather all sorts of content into the portfolio and use it to support your CV. The employer can view the students creations and submission in the service and evaluate his/her skills.



You can find the user manual for the eportfolio service at:




After completing the pairing between Moodle and you can take your completed assignments to portfolio with the "Take to portfolio" button. When prompted to choose a format for the export, choose HTML. After exporting your assignment to you can find it there.





Chat is an inbuilt messaging function of the new Moodle. With the chat you can keep in touch with other students and teachers while in Moodle. Users do not have to be online for receiving messages on the chat. Chat is convenient for student/teacher communications.



You can find the chat on the upper-right corner next to your profile:



When a message arrives a red marker will appear on top of the chat icon.




The chat can be used on top of the LMS or on its own dedicated page in the Moodle:



In the chat you can see if the user is available and online:



Käyttäjätuki / User support

p. +358 44 710 3149